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By court order, the Children’s Commission consists of no less than fourteen (14) members who are appointed by the Supreme Court, and a Chair, who is a Justice of the Supreme Court. Commission members serve a three-year term and may serve a consecutive three-year term upon expiration of the first. Except for the Chair, the Assistant Commissioner of Child Protective Services, and Texas CASA, who are standing members of the Children’s Commission, a member may not be appointed to serve more than two successive full terms as a commissioner. Senior-level or experienced commissioners may be appointed by the Supreme Court as an adjunct position to ensure continuity and support for the commission’s work.  Children’s Commission membership includes members of the judiciary and the child welfare system and community, representatives of the business and legal communities, representatives of foundations or organizations with a substantial interest in child welfare issues, and other state leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to the children, youth, and families of Texas. The Children’s Commission's membership also reflects the diverse ethnic, gender, legal, and geographic communities in Texas.