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Data Committee

Members: Hon. Susan Brown, Chair; Hon. Rosie Alvarado, Nathan Ezell, Dr. Monica Faulkner, Hon. Delia Gonzales, Elizabeth Kromrei, Jenn Meier, Hon. Robin Sage, Hon. Michael Schneider, Vicki Spriggs, Hon. Carlos Villalon, Jr.

Staff: Dylan Moench

The Office of Court Administration (OCA) operates the Child Protection Case Management System (CPCMS) used by Child Protection Courts (CPCs) to manage cases and collect data. Several OCA staff serve as advisory members of the Data Committee to lend their expertise on data systems and analysis.

OCA Advisory Staff: Darrell Childers, Anissa Johnson, Casey Kennedy, Alejandra Peña, Mena Ramon, Charlotte Velasco

For more information about current Data Committee projects, please link below: