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The Commission's Data Committee is responsible for providing input into data collection and analysis efforts aimed at informing and assisting courts in using and understanding data to assist with better decision making. 

Data Committee 

Vicki Spriggs, Chair, Liz Kromrei, Hon. Virginia Schnarr, Hon. Carlos Villalon

Staff: Dylan Moench, Monica Mahoney

Office of Court Administration Advisory Staff: David Slayton, Darrell Childers, Anissa Johnson, Casey Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Mena Ramon

Created by the Office of Court Administration (OCA) and launched in 2009, Child Protection Case Management System (CPCMS) is a state-of-the-art case management system unique to Child Protection Courts (CPC). OCA provides project management, programming, and testing services for CPCMS.  OCA staffs a CPCMS Advisory Council of CPC judges, OCA staff and Children’s Commission staff to identify and discuss various enhancements and issues. CPCMS is used by 30 CPC courts handling child protection cases in 124 (mostly rural) of the state’s 254 counties. 


*Updated January 2018