On February 14, 2017, the Texas Supreme Court officially recognized Child Welfare Law as the 20th area of certified legal specialization. TBLS staff will format the online application and the process of writing the exam and administering the applications has now begun. TBLS has approved the membership for both the Child Welfare Law Advisory Commission and the Child Welfare Law Exam Commission. The Advisory Commission will consider applications to become board certified in child welfare law and will have authority to review and suggest changes in standards going forward, and the Exam Commission will write and grade the exam. Members of each commission will serve three-year terms. The initial terms which will be staggered for one, two and three years in length so that as members enter and exit each commission, a core of experienced members will always be present.

The Exam Commission held its first meeting March 27, 2017, and began finalizing the exam specifications and creating the exam, with the goal of administering the first exam in October 2018.